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KDC 2013 Highlights: Felipe Gustavo

Plan B rookie pro Felipe Gustavo wasted no time on his first trip to South Africa for the Kimberley Diamond Cup. Felipe’s consistency and trick difficulty were both off the charts, resulting in a second place win in the 2013 KDC Street Championships. Check out the clip below  featuring his best stuff from the entire contest.

Felipe’s ender was fol...


Mike Anderson in The Yellow Van Chronicles

Krooked Skateboards‘ all terrain killer, Mike Anderson, made the haul out to Kimberley last year to discover all the wonderful things that Kimberley has to offer: wildlife, skate spots, and of course, the Kumba Skate Plaza. If you’re wondering why you never saw any coverage of Mike from KDC, it’s because he bailed on the contest with James Hardy t...


Head to Head: Matt Berger vs. Tommy Fynn

Here’s Matt Berger and Tommy Fynn Head to Head match from the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup Pro Street Finals. Tommy’s ankle was tweaked, so he was taking it quite easy. Matt took advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to cruise past Tommy into the finals. Check the clip below.

Here’s Matt Berger and the rest of the Flip guys skating ...

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.03.29 AM

AV Skateboarding Midway Mayhem Recap

The guys over at AV Skateboarding Video Magazine came down to Kimberley last month to check out Midway Mayhem. They brought their camera with them and ended up churning out 7 minutes of radical once all was said and done. Head over to their site and check out their new issue, which is now viewable online for free.

Here’s the KDC Midway Mayhem clip...


2013 KDC Highlights: Alec Majerus

Check out some of Alec Majerus’ best footage from the 2013 Kimberley Diamond Cup. Alec wasted no time putting a whoopin’ on anything in his path on his first trip to South Africa. For example, Alec and Louie Lopez banged out this clip within about 15 minutes, fresh off the plane. Stay tuned for more 2013 Highlights videos to drop each Friday...


Kimberley Skate League at Kumba Skate Plaza

This past weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza, we gave the locals the chance to come up on a few bucks at the Kimberley Skate League teams competition. Teams of four skaters compete in fun and challenging challenges including the time trial, slalom challenge, game of skate, and longest manual, just to name a few...


Head to Head: Evan Smith vs Ryan Decenzo

The next match up in the 2013 KDC Street Finals is the first round Head to Head match between Ryan Decenzo and Evan Smith. Matches like these are another prime example of why judging skateboarding is not an easy job...


Field Trip: Kuruman Skatepark

We took the Kimberley skatepark February volunteers to the Kuruman Skatepark as a way of saying “thanks” for their help at the park. We got to hang out with some locals and tune in to another tucked away part of South Africa with a small, but blossoming skate scene...


Mini Rider Cup at Kumba Skate Plaza

Last weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza, we held the Mini Rider Cup teams competition. Teams of 3 squad up for a jam format teams contest, and the top 3 teams would leave with cash prizes. The top team goes home with R1000 in cash to split between the 3 of them...


SA Saturdays 5

Here’s the latest from the local Kimberley, South Africa skateboarders. All filmed on location at the Kumba Skate Plaza from February-March 2014.

Skaters in order of appearance: Oratile, Jesmine, Micael, Jadewin, Romano, Darren Joseph, Will Meleng, Will Jenkins, Moustache, Theo Setsetse, Siphiwe Kheshwa, Martin Kotze, Heinie, Alec Balie, Christu, M...