Girls Skate Session At The Kumba Skate Plaza

The Girls Skate Session went down this past weekend at the Kumba Skate Plaza and welcomed 15 local girls to the skatepark to learn a few things about skateboarding. In effort to promote skateboarding amongst women, we set this day aside to focus on providing lessons to girls only...


Kumba Skate Plaza Introduces Nebula Skateboarding Program

KDC is excited to welcome back Cape Town based skater Rayne Moses to the Kumba Skate Plaza to connect with local skaters and help them realize their potential through his program, Nebula Skateboarding...


Local Kimberley Skater Travels South Africa With RedBull

Following the 2015 Kimberley Diamond Cup, Red Bull decided to give the opportunity of a lifetime to a local Kimberley skater to join TJ Rogers, Moses Adams, and more on a cross country trip with RedBull. Kumba Skate Plaza ripper Siphiwe Keshwa was the chosen one that got to see Cape Town and skate spots all over the country thanks to Red Bull.



KDC 2015 Replay on CBS Sports Network

For all our American friends overseas- you can watch Nyjah Huston, Luan Oliveira, and more in the television broadcast of the KDC Skateboarding World Championships this Sunday at 5pm ET only on CBS Sports​.

This will be your only chance to catch it on TV, so don’t miss it! Otherwise, you can head to our youtube channel to watch the KDC Vert World...


Weekly Skate Lessons At The Kumba Skate Plaza

Many people out there in the world aren’t aware that after the some of world’s top pro skaters leave Kimberley each year following Kimberley Diamond Cup that the Kumba Skate Plaza is a hub of activity including skateboarding coaching clinics, competitions, and other activities to keep Kimberley youth busy and off the streets and away from more dest...


Halloween At The Kumba Skate Plaza

Although Halloween may not be as widely celebrated in South Africa as it is in more Western Nations such as the US, South African youth still don’t sleep on the opportunity at dressing up and acting a fool once a year on All Hallow’s Eve.

Starting off the day with the Mini Rider Cup contest, we carried on into the evening with a pizza party and exc...


Red Bull Grass Roots Tour

Red Bull’s Grass Roots Tour kicked off immediately following KDC and set out for a cross country skate trip searching out skate spots and good times across South Africa. In the van were TJ Rogers of Canada, Mikey Mendoza of Australia, and SA’s Moses & Allan Adams...

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