Monster Energy at KDC

While Monster’s presence at KDC was felt hardest when being handed free energy drinks and seeing two babes that were trotting about the park all weekend taking selfies with every male aged 14-18, they were also there to film for an edit showcasing their riders as well as some of the local South African skaters...


Skate Clinic for Eastern Cape Students at Kumba Skate Plaza

Yesterday, we welcomed in a large group of children from Little Angels Primary School from Alice, Eastern Cape to the Kumba Skate Plaza for a skateboarding clinic as a portion of their annual spring tour...


Nyjah Huston vs. Nassim Guammaz at KDC

Although there were many memorable moments at Kimberley Diamond Cup this year, the most memorable would definitely have to be the defeat of Nyjah Huston by Nassim Guammaz. When Nyjah shows up to a contest, it’s usually not even a question who would be walking away with the win. Nassim Guammaz was the first person in quite some time to change that...

KDC Cape Town Pro Tour Featuring Jordan Hoffart, Marius Syvanen, & More

KDC Cape Town Pro Tour Featur. Jordan Hoffart, Marius Syvanen, & More

The week before the 2014 Kimberley Diamond Cup, we sent out SA photog Sam Clark and Ride Channel videographer Colin Clark (no relation at all) out to Cape Town with a rather random assortment of pros consisting of Tom Remillard, Jordan Hoffart, JT Aultz, Marius Syvanen, and Turkish ripper Cenk Kulioglu to hit some spots and rack up some coverage...


Kimberley Diamond Cup 2014 Day 3 Press Release


Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler Edges Out Australian Tommy Fynn to Win World Skateboarding Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston Upset in First Round by Netherlands’ Nassim Guammaz

 (Kimberley, South Africa – October 5, 2014) – The 2014 Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup concluded today...

KDC 2014 Street World Championships Highlights

KDC 2014 Street World Championships Highlights

Check out the highlights from the 2014 KDC Street World Championships featuring Matt Berger, TJ Rogers, Dlamini Dlamini, Tyson Bowerbank, Micky Papa, Tom Knox, Nyjah Huston, Nassim Guammaz, Louie Lopez, Tommy Fynn, and Kelvin Hoefler. This is one of the wildest finals we’ve ever seen. More from the KDC Street World Championships soon...

Kelvin Hoefler Wins 2014 KDC Street World Championships

Kelvin Hoefler Wins 2014 KDC Street World Championships!

Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler took out Tommy Fynn of Australia in the finals for the KDC 2014 Street World Championship title after one of the most insane final rounds ever!  Some of the tricks that Kelvin laid down in the finals were switch front blunt down the rail, tre flip lip the rail, and more...